Dear Friends,
Not only was Happy Herbert a great pal but he was also a tremendous teacher. While he was by no means a superfluous speaker, it seemed he was constantly sharing tidbits of his deep wisdom. I took up the practice of carrying a pen and notepad whenever I was with him so that I could write down his most astounding utterances. I then transferred these notes into a journal. Below, for the first time, I am sharing excerpts from that journal that I believe represent some of Happy Herbert’s most impactful sayings. I hope you will find them as inspirational as I have.
Gary Plutchok
Happy Herbert's

"Follow your dreams every day,
Wear a smile come what may,
And help people along the way."

"Flex your cheek muscles towards your ears,
Notice how the sadness disappears."
"I’ve a hunch the bunch of crunch at lunch served the knockout punch to my tension."

"We have the best line of pretzels in the world!"

"Often giving is a selfish act,
We do it to make us feel good, in fact."

"Our world is a broken place,
Where children, regardless of race,
Are not accountable for our past or present disgrace,
Yet they will be responsible for the future we face.
Let’s help children in need today to prevent need tomorrow."

"A crunchy snack,
Brings comfort back,
And thus keeps our mind on track."

"Question: How can one speak a thousand words without uttering a sound?
Answer: Smile."

"We are spreading joy one crunch at a time."

"Yes, we have some of the best snacks around, but we must remember they are simply the means to an end; that end being our ability to offer aid to children in need around the world. "

"The value inherent in our products is inclusive of the values that drive our company."

"A honey-sweetened spelt pretzel…what a brilliant idea!"

"When a customer chooses to eat one of our snacks, they are not only digesting the wheat, corn or whatever the raw ingredients may be, they are also consuming the spirit of our brand. Through the spirit of our brand we have the privileged opportunity to nourish our customer’s soul. So let’s make our customer feel amazingly good inside by making our brand embody the highest standards, ideals and principles possible."

"Happy Herbert’s makes great snacks,
Put ‘em in your mouth and just relax,
They will make you smile, crunch to the max,
Happy Herbert’s makes great snacks."

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