WATCH:Artie Fischel performs a catchy
little ditty about azodicarbonamide, an
ingredient found in some breads.

WATCH:Artie Fischel performs a
touching song
on the realities of
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs),
now a ubiquitous presence
in our food supply.

WATCH: Vintage Ben Zoate comedy
routine “Food Words”. Circa 1985.

LISTEN: Enjoy the Happy Herbert’s theme song in its entirety.

WARNING: Listening to this
may cause repetitive humming sydrome.

LISTEN:Enjoy the Happy Herbert’s Jingle.

WATCH: Artie Fischel, world famous food blues singer, performs his smash hit "Artificial Ingredient Blues".

WATCH: An excerpt of Ben Zoate's hilarious comedy routine about food labels.

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